About Us

We came up with this platform as we understand the pain that Pet parents go through. Pet Parents go to Social Media sites to add their Pet's photos/videos, go to eCommerce sites to buy Pet products and go to a local discovery/yellow pages sites to search for Pet Service Providers. Pattypets is significantly changing the game by enhancing Pet Parents' experience by allowing you to do all of these in a single space. Pattypets is a PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) that connects Pet Parents with Pet Service Providers through an innovative Marketplace which has Social Media, a Location based Aggregator (search based on your location), SaaS (Appointment/Calendar booking) and eCommerce. We are all things pets.

We started off as a small project in a coffee shop. It quickly grew to be a massive task of a scale we could not envisage once we realized there is no one doing this in the UK.

Pet Service Providers: Are you paying for an appointment/calendar booking system? Guess what? Its free with Pattypets and rest assured that on our Android and iOS apps, you will even get notifications on your device reminding you of your next appointment. Refer your existing customers and earn more!

Pet Parents: Search for a Pet Sitter, Pet Walker, Pet Photographer, Pet Spas and many more such pet services. Get informed through the Pattypets blogs. Upload Photos/Videos, refer frfiends to join us and get credit through our Loyalty system.

Thank you for your business. We appreciate it.

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